A Tribute to the

Lancia Gamma Coupé 2500 -80

One of the finest and most innovative Grand Turismo coupés ever built. It was undoubtedly one of the best-looking cars of its epoch, and to that upheld the Lancia tradition of innovative technology. It was designed and built at the legendary Pininfarina headquarters in Torino, alongside the Ferrari 400, which might be called the Gamma's cousin given the close resemblance in design between the two cars. The Gamma coupe sported a flat 4-cylinder engine of 2500 cc (for the Italian market a 2000 cc version also existed) which produced 140 hp. The engine was nevertheless designed to produce a good torque curve rather than maximize engine power output: the 2500 engine generates 154 lbft at 3000 rpm, with nin tenths of that vailable already at 2000 rpm. The car wheigs less than 1300 kg; hence, the Gamma still stands well in terms of acceleration. The series one produced between 1976 and 1980 had carburettor engines (including the car pictured) whereas later versions had electronic fuel injection. For more details on the Gamma's history, link up to the Lancia Gamma Consortium's history page.

This Gamma is owned by Erik and Svante Cornell of Sweden, and is to our knowledge the only functioning Gamma Coupe in Sweden. Erik Cornell first spotted the car during a holiday in northern Italy in 1979. Immediately deciding he HAD to own that car, he soon acquired one of the last carburettor versions of the Gamma coupe 2500.


Contact: sc@cornell.nu