Rosetta's Cross
By Danielle Elisabeth

Rosetta Rashid clung tightly to her shawl, wrapping it around her. Her breath caught in her chest as she sat in the corner, listening to the voices. Sightless eyes were starring down at the ground, opened wide with fear. Her heart raced as memories echoed through her mind again. She didn't want to go back to the pain. As the sound of footsteps faded away, she slowly exhaled.

* * * * * * *

Rosetta had been born with a supernatural gift, and like many extroardinary blessings, it at times seemed a terrible curse. Infact, it more often seemed a burden to her, than a benefit, as would be expected for one in such tribulation. Her two-edged sword, was an adeptness for language. More than that, even. She had the ability to speak and understand any and all earthly languages. Ofcourse, I do not think you need to be told, as you have likely experienced such things, that when one has an exceptional talent, they are likely to be used by others. It is in this fact that her troubles lie.

When the power of this young girl was discovered, there were many who wanted to take advantage of her potential. Though her skill may not allow her to fly or move mountains, it must be admitted that communication is more influential than such things, for not much can be done without it. Perhaps now, you can begin to understand Rosetta's trials.

Likewise, it may help you to know the details of what she experienced, though I should not like to delve deeply into her past, for the concentration should be on the story I had begun to tell you, not former events. Therefore, I shall give you an abbreviated explanation.

When word of Rosetta's worth had spread like wildfire, her parents sought to protect her, as any guardian should. As I'm sure you can imagine, this was exceedingly difficult. Impossible, if you will allow. For, you see, though for a time she was sheltered from covetous men, one man's avariciousness was immense. He sought wealth and fame far greater than any man should hold, and devised a plan to take her. She was kidnapped in the night, and perceived as only a tool. I need not tell you the character of this villain, for surely it is obvious that any who would concoct such schemes to be corrupt. Regrettably, I must tell you that his evil exceeded further. She was treated as a slave, a prisoner, placed in the most miserable of atmospheres. A mere peice in his collection.

One day, she was taken from this place, groomed and fed, and given luxurious clothing. This terrible man was visiting those of high esteem. Some from another land, with another tongue. Being a man of vanity, he had every servant of his attending dressed in expensive materials, of a pure white. He felt that the least important of what he had should appear beautiful, when presented. This may seem an awful thing, but there was hope. During the journey she miraculously escaped.

* * * * * * *

Now, only a few days after her escape, she sat in hiding, dreading the idea of being found again. The voices had been of those sent to look for her. This anxiety was not uncalled for, how would a child with no vision find a way to safety if she could not see the way at all? In this moment, her perception might be viewed as more a curse than her lips, if not for the fact that it was her mouth to be blamed for this predicament.