I created the index with the purpose of showing people the best programs on-line. It has been created with everything you need to know about the sites and what you have to do to get what the sites are offering.

Where else can you find a site that eliminates the trial and error process and sorts out the scams for you? I personally have visited these sites and have received their promotions, otherwise I wouldn't put them on my site. My site gives you up front opinions of how convenient other sites are. There is also large assortment of topics to choose from so that depending on what your interests are, you can do things that you enjoy.

On top of all of this great stuff, there are no annoying banners and pop ups, so you get what you want and only what you want. Without that feature, I need some way of advertising and supporting my site, and that is where you come in the picture to help me. Here are some things you can do to advertise and support my site:

1. You can tell your friends what you think about my site and give them the address so they can see what it is like for themselves.

2. You can email me at Gammmmes with your opinions about what you like about my site and what you don't. Questions comments and concerns are also welcome.

3. You can also make deposits and sign up for the programs you like through the links on my site. With your help, my site can grow and then you will have more of what you like and how you like it.