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Hee hee hee... ,Hey guys! Like the new lay? Thankx a lot to Sarah Davis, of Sarah's Strange Little World. It's really kute and kawaii! Now, welcome to Chibi Chibi's Mini Mall! Here, you can find shops and places to go to where you need to go. We have graphic shops, book shops, donut stnad, the works! Everthing your Sailor Moon Mall would have and need! We have an openeing for three more shops, so if you'd like to host a shop for us, drop us a line at chibikawaii6@aol.com. Just tell us! We need advanced people who are familiar with HTML and other stuff to make these shops! Well, have fun going around! Buhbyez! *Allissa, Marcia, and Bliss

Updates: May 29h, 2001: New layout! Like it? We're also getting new music, and (hopefully) some new shops soon too! Have fun going around, and don't forget to pet our site mascot, Plumpster! Or Plumpy, his nichname. He's right to your left!