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Last Updated: 7/12/09 First Created: 5/1/04
Welp, It's technically about 11:30 on May 12, 2009. About a week after this site has celebrated its 5 years of existence! 2009 is seeming to be a year of closing old chapters, and hopefully opening new ones. That being said, upon logging into Geocities today, I saw the notice that Yahoo's Geocities will be closing "later this year", I guess it's sort of fitting....being that Geocitiy-webpages haven't been something of respect in...well over 5 years. (No offense to the Yahoo crew, of this site compared to Tripod or Angelfire, or any of the other site creators I tried before rolling with this one back in 2004....this was by FAR the best. However, with time, brought MySpace, and other page creators that really tossed Geocities into the Jurassic era.

That being said, it's been a great ride....and any passer-by surfers on the net who stumbled upon this quant little website over the years, I thank you for any support you gave this website...and this lost/angry little white boy. As I'm writing this, I'm reflecting back on all the time that has passed...writing those rants to let out frustration...even as poorly written as they are. All the time spent honing my craft at design. This experience has really benefited that side of me. Not to mention, the couple of pages I had before I made this one....my personal about me website when I first started out....the Pokemon site.....the Wild Cherry Pepsi Fan Club website.

As this part of my life is coming to a close, I'm beginning to step into my next part. I have many new artwork projects that I hope to get work on....my design, my music, my writing. I have one more year of college (if I survive), and then I'll be off...where I'll go then, I'm not quite sure.

Well, to end this ranting, raving, and reflecting, I just want to thank everyone who made this humble start to my career and well....this part of my life. All the people that have passed me by, and commented on that old board; Christy, Erica, Suzy, Becca, Stefan, my sister Shannon, the other Shannon I know lol. And all my friends and welll...

All you stupid mother fucking sacks of shit that pissed me off over the years, helping to fuel the fire inside of this heartless bastard. You fucked me up so bad, so with the Death of Gamarchy eminent...it's only fitting that this website goes down fighting, we'll be here till we're deleted....so all you douchebag cocks out there....


- Love eternally,
Bryan "Gamushara"