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 803 S. Third St. ( Hwy. 172)

Ganado, Texas   77962

Phone: (713)320-6198

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Steven R. Griffin ( Owner/Operator ) Since 1996





We are a self service car wash open seven days a week. We strive to keep our car wash clean and safe for all of our customers. Please notify us either by phone or e-mail if you ever encounter a problem with our equipment. At our soonest possible chance we will correct the problem. All we ask of our customers is to be considerate of the next person in line to wash there car. We have had problems in the past with people leaving lots of mud in the bays when they are finished. Please remember to try to rinse out the bay before leaving as you would not want to pull into a muddy car wash to clean your own vehicle. 

We thank everyone in advance for their patronage.




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A lot of our guest are interested in how to get started in their own Car Wash business. We have a couple of good resources for those of you. You can check them out at www.carwashresources.com  or www.jcolemanco.com . These are the two places we use the most for information and supplies for our Car Wash.





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