Ganado Elementary Pre-K
Hi, My name is Bobbie Rosalez.  I will be teaching Pre-K this year.  I have 17 years of teaching experience.  I have many exciting activities for my students and I am looking forward to a great year.
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Ganado ISD
Ganado Elementary
The students will be learning  the school rules, becoming familiar with the school  setting and  discussing manners throughout the first two weeks.  We will also be studying the colors.
Reading-The students will look at a variety of picture books and other books of interest or relating to the topic being discussed.

Listening-The students will select a book of their choice and listen to it with the tape.
Writing - The students will use pencils, markers crayons and stencils to draw, trace or write their own creations
Art-The students will be able to paint their own creations or use the large stencils.  They will be using washable paints.
Home-The students will demonstrate skills in a kitchen enviroment and in a home setting.