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words unspoken

I've been meaning to tell you something
but I could never find the time
so what better time than now
why is it so hard for me
to say such simple words
you don't even know
so many missed chances
to tell you how i feel
just give me one more chance
before you move on

I've never felt so used
I've never felt so broken
and everything has gone astray
you don't want me around
and I mean nothing to you
I'm always getting in the way
you played games with my heart
you left it scared and broken
do you even care
you wasted all my time
and I got nothing from you
and now I'm in despair
go away

I'm giving up
what can I say
so you're gonna look down on me
don't tell me what to do
who do you think I'm trying to please
I'm tried of your sympathy
and I'm not gonna take anymore
and I don't really give a damn
if you had good intentions
I'm trying to stay strong
I'm trying to get along
I'm sorry but it's true
I'm tired of dealing with you
go away go away
come again another day
go away go away
don't come back again