About Us, and the Outdoor Life
In the last thirty years, my wife and I have progressed from sleeping in the back of a pick-up with a fly for shelter, to a 30 foot fifth-wheel trailer. In between - a tent, and some smaller travel trailers.

Have we been every where and done every thing? Not by a long-shot. Have we made any mistakes? Sure; and I’ve got the scars to prove it; mental, physical, and financial.

This is our first attempt at a “web” page, started on January 28, 2002. It will grow as we become more comfortable with the medium. Then it will sit dormant when we head out on our summer travels.

We hope to post some notes on our doings; some from the past, and more in the future. We welcome comments and questions from folks who enjoy travel, for the destinations and people met, as well as the traveling itself.

It’s Sunday, April 20, 2003, and most of our time in the past three months has been devoted to preparing two trailers and tow vehicles for this coming summer.  The 5th wheel will be set up as the “Camp Host” site in an Inyo National Forest campground, and we will use the “mini-T” to go camping on our days off.  (Makes perfect sense to us…..)

Added - May 16, 2005.  I really should update, shouldn't I.
Taken at home: 9/12/01
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Who are we?
Name: Graham and Carole McDonald
gandcmcdonald ("at" symbol) yahoo.com