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Nexus : Online Roleplaying
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This is a song written by my friend Matt Feldman, its entitled Easy Street, enjoy

This site is deticated to the well made and extremly addicting game of Nexus. When this site is complete it will have evry item appraised in the game, the spells for each path, and other useful tidbits to help you along in your adventure. I obviously cannot do this all on my own and i would greatly appreciate any help you can give me in the form of making your own page i can post on the site, screenshots, or game information. If you would like to get involved e-mail me at

If you would want to send item discriptions please appraise the item and take a screenshot, but be sure your inventory is open so that i can get a picture of the item also, thanks.

Their is a section of my site where you can advertise items you wish to sale this way it will be easier to sell items ever since the market post was taken away. For a mere nothing you can put up an ad selling all the items you like.

By the way if you want to vote for nexus on the Top 100 World Chart do so. Vote

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Or you can just vote for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

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