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Gandolph, aka, Hugh Dickson O'Flynn. I'm a married, 46 year-old father of 4. I'm from Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I have blue eyes, brown hair (what I have), 5 foot-7 inches tall, and I'm in reasonable shape. I wear glasses (only to see). 
I Spend a lot of time both at home and work on the computer. I visit often. It's my favourite site for dvd's, games, beer, contests and women. It has a lot to offer. I also play the x-box a lot. We are adding to our game titles all the time. You might call me a clean freak as well. Everything has it's place.
My wife's name is Rodney. She is the love of my life. We have four children: Patrick Hugh, 21; Jackie 'Ryan', 18; Christoher Troy, 14 and Anna Christina, 13. We have two cats, named Rocky and Boots, and a chinchilla named Zambaggawoggie IV. We don't have many friends, but those we have, we appreciate. My wife and I both have some family in Cape Breton.
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