The Wedding

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The Ceremony

The wedding will be a traditional Hindu ceremony that spans 3 days. The Vara Puja or Welcoming of the Groom will take place on the evening of the 29th. The main event, the Muhurtham, will take place on the afternoon of the 30th. A reception will be held that evening.  Lunch will be served after the ceremony and dinner at the reception.

Date and Time

Wednesday May 29, 2002
Vara Puja: 6:30 pm

Thursday May 30, 2002
Lagnam: Simha
Muhurtham: 12:25 to 1:00 pm
Reception : 6:30 pm


Nagadevaki Palace
No. 22/25, 1st Main Road, West of Chord Road,
Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560 010
Karnataka State, India


Filene's / Hecht's: store, registry
Crate and Barrel: store, registry