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I am basically from Godalatty (but have been living in Ooty for over 20 years). Did my schooling in Breeks and presently working in the Merchant Navy as a 2nd Mate. This site is about my photo collection.This site was launched on 28/06/2001 and consists mainly of personal photographs, however there are couple of pages which has photos of general interest. Presently there are over 600 photographs.

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PHOTOS - From left to right
1st line - My Father, My Mother, My Sister
2nd line - Myself, My Wife Vinu, My Son Sohil
3rd line - My Brothers - Anand, Prabhu & Hari
4th line - My son- Sohil, Satyak, Satyak

MY INFO: Name : Ganesh Babu Kuppan

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