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About Me
hi,welcome all aboard.It's my immense pleasure to talk abt myself,I as a person very simple and straight.

friendship is one thing i just get carried away and i party a lot,asusal i keep chasing satuardays all the week.

hello its me
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Name: Ganesh P

ASHWIN - He is silent and sharp.He is a doctor by proffession.At present he is at austin(texas) doing his higher studies,left to United States on 20th dec

SHIV - The Tall man of our gang,very humorus and dynamic.Very strong at his work place and hey he works for Om Kotak Life insuarance.He sometimes a real

GNANESH - The coolest dude of our gang,A good driver and also a good barteneder.yes he is an

MAMMU - The dancing Queen of our gang,goes merry all the time,never stops smiling and makes a damn good wife of my friend Gnanesh.A true

HARSHA - An extreme coding fanatic,works for Infosys at bangalore.hey but now he is at Florida for some realtime assignment.A real nerd loves parties like hell.Seen only during the

KUSUMA - Lemmie call her Kusuma Shriharsha,she likes that way,yes she's harsha's wifi.Now she is having great time in Florida .She can compete with any team in

MADHU - This gentleman has passion towards cricket and fish(not in eating but growing).Always keeps his temper kool and calm.his wifi is prathiba and vishnu is his son.hey i forgot he works for ICICI Prudential Life insuarance and doing good in life.

PRATHIBHA - She is a good old friend,may be its abt 10 years we are know to each other.she is the boss for our parties.we had done countless parties in her house.she is a wifi of mads(madhu) and mummy of

KANNU - A good girl,an architect,and a wonderfull friend at distance.she has a voice that makes u feel soo

RAJEEV - The extreme music fanatic.Enjoying his life in the high altitude china border,,yes he is a captain in the ARMY and doctor by profession.very straight,principled and sensitive

SHILPA - o my gosh,she was in a queue when i did my admission to my engg,then in the same class,she is one gem of a girl who always kept her head high all the time.shilpa is now married to kishore and settled in

SUMANTH - This guy is my big time friend and very jovial,a mechanical engg by proffesion works for talisma and gone for US for a high level

KAATI - Kaati,This is his nick name,we have always called him this way,very shy natured hard working dude.never attends any parties and will always has habit of calling everybody on their birthday at 7 in the

VIJAY - "OMPUDI OD BANDH OOS KUDI"This is his fav dialog in kannada,he is an NRI who came to bangalore to study his medical,he jeled with us soo very well,we all till date miss him a lot,he is married to chitra from bangalore and settled in NEW

POORNIMA - Our group's ayoo queen,engg by profession and married to krishna is well settled in tumkur.hey she is a mother of cute little girl baby now.she is again an everlasting friend to us.

SOUJANYA - ha ha ha i dont know how to explain this guy,i swear u people have to meet this guy to know abt him.he is known to me since 92 and finished his MA in litrature and is now studing Mass communication in australia.

UMESH - Umesh the uppinkai,thats how we call him,very diplomatic and straight fwd person.his brains works and sometimes matches the speed of the light.he has his own company and he is a real good

ACCHU- she is a distant good friend,she is very simple and straight,a bit stuburn but its ok,shes not a

BHAT - This dude is from sirsi and my best PAL in my college and now works for Compaq,He just landed in india after a hectic US tour,He is a good writer too,,just check his lines below on the link.hey few days back he met with an accidentand he is recovering,hope he gets well

GOPALAN - Another humble friend from chennai,who stayed next to my house during my engg,is working in VDO Seimens as Network engg.He speaks kannada like the way he speaks his mother tounge Tamil.words cant explain our friendship that

KIRAN - Kiran associated with me when i was in my second year engg,he was new to our college,He had all the calibre a person should have,he could make friends with anybody and everybody.Now works for KHODEY'S and is doing

MANJULA - She is my friend,my relative and relative friend.She is working with paragon solutions and doing extreamly good.At present she came from US and got married and living happily,very intelligent and

SRUTHA - she is cute little girl,she is doing her college and loves to enjoy life as it comes.She hangs around at C B and has lots of friend and two cute

CHETANA - O ya,she is my good old friend,we have had a great time during our college days,she is a dentist by profession and married to a doctor,she is very jovial and friendly,she always keep

NIKHIL - nice for me to introduce this happening guy these days.this guy is almost a DJ,knows atleast around 500 song on his lips,good hearted and

POOJA - she is action queen in the group,eldest among srutha and shradda,very centimental and planning to get married soon,may be we should meet her next in UK or US.sincearly good to have friend like

PREM - prem was associated as a good senior in college and a good friend now,,very polite,shyguy and gentle.hey this man got married on 20th feb,,what a date to get married,,its a perfect palindrome i,e

SHEELA - she is a kool tempered doctor and a fantastic friend,,very centimental and choosy in friends,she care's her friends alot.every person should have a friend like

KOMAL - sometimes its very difficult to introduce a person who are special,and this time i'm taking that privilage to introduce this lady,,she is my classmate during 1990 and still we are good friends.she is married n leading a happy life.she's known life better then me these

RAJESH - hey he is one gem of a person,,doesnot talk much,he owns a european restuarant "casablanca" at banashakari.we all call him dolly.

SHOBHA - she was once bold and beautiful,thats during college days,,very confident girl.she is komal's sis and she is married and working in belguam.she's a very good friend whome i can never

VIVEK - he is kichha,,hm infact we all call him that way,very friendly and caring,,he is a good dancer too,,if i extend little more words on him, he is a good playboy

SHREYAS - hey,he is the youngest among the lots,but talks very elderly and damn good in studied too.he dances amazing especially along with vivek,thier combination is the

SHRADDA - she is one amazing friend of mine,very very selective in finding a friend,she is fun loving and kool tempered girl,,she likes adventure,,,she also an animal lover.good to have a friend like shradda,,yes i mean

Dear friends come i shall introduce to some of my good friends,see them below they are running from your right to left.

I always liked cars.The ferrari is the best i like and my favourite driver is who else one and only one Schumacher the guy who won three grand prix,check some of my collections of kool cars

My hobbies are not that different from others,well i listen to music and mosty rock.i do watch Television when i'm alone and do browse net to know more info about other countries.I do party during the weekends and work during week days.

I love music from the days i was studing in college and most of the time when i'm goin to bed.that really relaxes me.i hear to all kinds of music,but listen to more soft and hard.My favourites are MLTR,Guns'n'Roses,Santana,Eagles and many more.My Favourite song is "HOTEL CALIFORNIA",I also like sweet child o'mine,black magic women,november rain,7th son of 7th son,stair way to heaven and lots more.Last but not least i do like old kannada songs,speacially from 70's and 80's.
So check some kool music site from here,,u love it for sure!
The best mp3's
All the music
Our Kannada songs
The lyrics you want

As per the word goes I talk too much but what to do i was born during december,I'm a typical sagi,I believe in it anyways.I get along with anyone and everyone in no time.I always try to match or tune up my frequency with others and I get adjusted very easily.I party and enjoy all time.
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