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              My hobbies include listening to music, watching cricket, football and sports.I play the south Indian classical instrument, veena. I belong to a family of veena artistes (listen to my brother). My great grand father,Sri.Padmanabha Bhagavathar, was a close associate of Palghat Parameswara Bhagavathar and Kalyana krishna Bhagavathar.  My grand father, Sri Parameswara Bhavathar lived in Trivandrum. He had been regularly giving veena recitals in All India Radio, Trivandrum (About him:  Former Supreme Court Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer in Kalki  let "veena ganam continue" and Somerset Maugham in his book.)
                   I regularly participate in mass prayers (
Tirupugazh Anbargal, Kalpakkam) of the south-Indian traditional type.  listen to me -    a tirupugaz . I also participate in Aradhana singing for Purandara Dasa, Tyagaraja every year. Inter-DAE culturals is one forum where I participate representing our centre on classical carnatic vocal and have won prizes.
Dr.Parameswaran Padmanabhan
I am a metallurgist, interested in steels. My work pertains to research and developmental activities on steels. Specifically I use Electron optical instruments in characterisation of materials.In addition,I have carried out Failure analysis of wire ropes, turbine blade  etc. Cr-Mo steels ; tempering & prior microstructure, Microstructural evolution in a single pass weld, Analytical Electron Microscopy and EELS
My doctoral dissertation is about Microstructural & Microchemical evolution in ferritic steels and weldments. The works  were published in the following references:
1) J.Mat Sci., vol27, 1992, p5426
2) Acta Metall Mater., vol 43, 1995, p 2985 
3) J. Nucl. Mater., vol 232, 1996, p 226
4) High temperature materials and processes, vol21,2002, p251-267
5)  Trans.Indian Inst.metals, vol57,  2004, p253-64.
I have collaborated on the following structure-property correlation projects:
1) The micromechanisms of the LCF behaviour of Nimonic PE16 were understood thru extensive microscopy studies(
Met Trans., vol 23A, 1992, p 1751) ;
2) Correlation of impact properties of simulated heat affected zones with microstructure (
Mat Charac. 48, 2002, p 55  & Mat Sci. Tech., 18, 2002, p 1195).
3) Microstructural evolution in laser treated surfaces of ferritic steels like 2.25Cr-1Mo steel, 9Cr-1Mo steel were understood (
J.Mat Engg.Perf., vol 10, 2001, p515; Proc of Int sym on Materials Ageing, Kalpakkam, India, 2000, P 502)
4) Failure analysis of locked coil wire ropes used in coal transporation (
Engg. Failure Analysis, vol10, 2003, p395-404)

My collaborative research work with Prof F.Hofer, FELMI, TU, Graz, Austria  helped  to study the nature and  distribution of  carbides in ferritic steel using EFTEM & EELS.
I had a  fine collaboration during May-Aug.2004, with
Dr Rafal Dunin Borkowski, Cambridge University which resulted in understanding the nature of carbides in ferritic steels  using EFTEM & HAADF based electron  tomography;  and the effect of carbides on the  magnetic nature of ferritic steels using Electron holography

Another collaboration I have  is with
Prof.K.Srinivasan, KREC, Surethkal, Karnataka, India. We regularly guide students of MTech for their project work.

I regularly join our local chapter of Indian Institute of Metals in
conducting the annual event of national level Brahma Prakash memorial quiz on metallurgy and materials.
My family consists of me, my wife, Vijayasri and my daughter, Nithya Kalyani.. We live in a township called Anupuram near Tirukalinkundram, Tamil Nadu, South India. My parents live in Tirunelveli. So also my Parent In Laws. My father, Sri.P.Padmanabha Sarma a retired Prof of Maths and an exponent in veena and vocal is my Guru ( His views on evolution of music) He imbibed interest in bhajan traditions right from my childhood. An outcome of this made me write an article "Bhajan traditions of India". My association with Thiruppugazh (Guruji A.S.Raghvan) came in 1986 which has made me compose about 300 songs in praise of Muruga in Tamil so far. My Kula deivam, Lord Iyyappan instilled in me the composing fervour too.
PARK, my brother
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