We are the new  breed. It has been a long time coming but old members have  united with the new blood to make the new breed and we are  again as one. We thrive in tough conditions and make the best of bad situations. We are experts at improvisation and adaptation. We are excell in all forms of Crime and are ph33r3d worldwide.
Thuggers: Our brutes are of exceptional quality. We use only the finest tools for destruction although our men are more than able to use anything that fires bullets. :P
Dealers: The Smothone dealers are renowned for being the best in the business. Their l33t knowledge of collective drug-making process and stupendous distribution leaves other gangs throwing in the towel. Some customers have even discarded their alarm clocks simply because of our dealers punctual nature.
Whores: Our Hoes have the finest bodies and are willing to treat any customer with the respect they truly deserve. WE know that everybody is different and therefore we cater for ALL of your needs.
On our pics page we have captured the true nature of some of our gang-members. Please take some time to get to know our members, they may be the last thing you see. Visit here.