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Gang Green Graphics is a graphics design company. We constantly recieve emails asking "How much for 200 flyers?""How much for 1000 cds?"
  When the project is complete, we email the final project as an attachment or mail copies of the work on a recordable compact disc. It is then the client's discretion who they choose to print the flyers, posters or album covers.We can only RECOMEND a print house to print your material. Once you buy a design from Gang Green, You can print and reprint your poster, flyers, albums and logos as many times as you can afford. You OWN the artwork. To get a better idea of what it would cost to print your material, check out

Email GangGreenGraphics when you are ready to imedietly begin your project. Do not contact us if you do not plan on starting and paying for your project with GangGreen within the next 2 weeks. Any earliar and you're wasting your time. Be professional and be prepared. If you need a logo, tell us what you want the logo to look like.  Be specific. The same is true for flyers or album covers. After contacting Gang Green with your request, you are responsible for a non refundable deposit of 50% of the final price. We will not start your project until the deposit is made. Put your money where your mouth is. After making a deposit arrange a photo session with us or provide your own art or photography. (We have photographers available only in the bay area of northern California; Sac, S.F., Vallejo, Richmond, Oakland  ect.) Provide us with a typed page of all song titles, logos, photos and information. We will email you progress as it happens and when the logo is designed or the flyer or album cover is complete, Gang Green will return a finished project for the second %50 of the total. This process should all be finished in 2 to 3 weeks. (Rush jobs can be arranged.) Basically, if you like the samples on the website, and your ready to get started, email us with your request, we'll wright back with answers to questions or quote a price, you pay the deposit, give us your materials, we design the project, and then provide you with the design on disc or email in exchange for the final %50. Start by looking through the samples below, if you like what you see, drop us a line at
Below is a sample of our album covers and original art, for bigger images CLICK HERE for album covers &.CLICK HERE for art samples
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Email Gang Green With Any Questions.
Remember we don't print your material, we provide you with the industry standard original art on C.D. Take the disc with you to where you're pressing your album (disc makers ect.) and they will know what to do with it. Or take the disc to a printer to produce thousands of flyers or posters to promote your album.You can even print our files from your home computer.
The general rule for pricing is as follows;We do work anywhere between $25 to $800. It all depends on the complexity of the projects.For example.
A quick logo is easy and therefore inexpensive....
$25-$99.Something more complicated and colorful, like the logos pictured above, are more expensive....
Album covers, can be a simple one page design on front, and a track listing on the back for people selling out of there trunks...
If you need photography, multiple designs for the in and out, a design to appear on the actual music disc, ect. Similiar to the types of album sold in stores..
Click Here To See A Comparison of a Basic and Deluxe Job
Email us, tell us what you can spend, and we'll accomadate you.
Remember,we take 50% up front.Non-refundable, to protect us against flakes.
Don't forget to think things through, don't wait until it's too late to change your mind.
Email Gang Green With Any Questions GangGreenGraphics@GangGreenGraphics.com
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