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As usual, it doesn't seem over six months since we all assembled for the auditions. Then, there were the confident -because they'd been there before; the nervous -because it was their first attempt and the even more nervous who were trying again to get accepted. Those two days are now distant memories as the 200 I Gang have blended together into the, hopefully, very effective cast that you will experience tonight. Even those who turned up on their own have realised just what it means to be part of the very important Scouting family that is Gang Show and to wear that very special red scarf.

There are currently about 110 recognised Gang Shows in the UK and they are regularly audited to see that the standards are maintained. All are receiving a special re-auditing over a three year programme which started in 2000 and it may be our turn tonight or any night this week. Whenever, the Chelmsford Gang will be ready, so join with us now as we all "Reach for the Stars! " .

The Production Team


I welcome you to this year's show. As in previous years, you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment brought to you by active members of Guiding and Scouting in Chelmsford.

There are a great number of changes in Scouting at this moment, Gang Show is no exception. We try to bring you what you want to see. We have to change with the times but still hold true to the concept of Gang Show.

How is it then Gang Show has survived 43 consecutive years and this is our 44th in Chelmsford? I believe the main contributing factor is that we treat it as another Scouting and Guiding activity. All members work happily together with one aim, and with the principles of both our great organisations in mind. We move with the times and so does Chelmsford Gang Show.

Bill Hamblin
Chairman, Gang Show Committee


Welcome to "Reach For The Stars!", the 44th Chelmsford & District Gang Show, and may I thank you for supporting us. Whether you are a Gang Show "regular", or experiencing this event for the very first time, I am sure you will be thoroughly impressed by the talents, enthusiasm and dedication of all those involved in the production. You will see and hear the results of many peoples' hard work, which has been put in through many weeks of rehearsal and preparation. Of course, the Gang Show team extends way beyond the "stars" you see before you up on stage; we are also greatly indebted to all those from all sections of the Scout and Guide Movements who contribute tirelessly behind the scenes and "Front of House" to create this magnificent Show.

This Gang Show, and all those before it, set us all a shining example of what can be achieved through teamwork. Whatever age, whatever background, we can all "Reach For The Stars".

Thank you again for your support -enjoy the Show!

Sue Powell


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