B&H Silver have recently been putting 'secret' symbols and pictures inside the box, this site will list them all and show you pictures of them, and where to find them!
You can find them on 'special packs' (there is no way of telling if you have a special pack until you open it). Once you have opened it, just inside the box lid you should see a little symbol, and if you remove all the cigarettes then pull out the silver foil from under them you will see a black and white picture with a few words in it! (like the ones on this site)

It is not know exactly why these have been put here, and emails from Gallaher say they are just 'thought provoking images', It is widely believed that they are there as a last attempt to get some more customers before the July banning of smoking in public places in the UK. It is not known how many images there are or how long they will be doing it for, but this site will attempt to keep up with all that have been released. Why you may ask? Well simple, when I wanted to find out about these, there was no information on the net at all, so This site is just to help out others who may have been wondering about them too!

Number 1 = Time Tourism?

Number 2 = Will Nostradamus be right?

Number 3 = Why am I here?

Number 4 = Would aliens talk to humans or dolphins?