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Dear Hater, I understand that there are people who dislike my site, I understand people have a right to their own opinions and freedom of speech; but I also have a right to my own opinions and freedom of speech. This is stated in the First Amendment of the Constitution. But to get to my point, all I'm asking for is, if you dislike my site, don't post your hate messages anywhere on my site! That includes the tag board, chatter box, guestbook, message board, chat or my email. I have a right by the way, to restrict you from doing so, because I am the owner of this site, not you. Also, by posting your hate messages its just making me laugh, because your not getting anywhere! I'm not going to close down my site because someone dislikes it. I will simply delete your message, and make it so you can never visit this site again. I don't play those childish games. So to reiterate, save yourself a waste of your time, and a great laugh of my time and don't flame peoples sites! Don't like the site, easy, show yourself to the little X in the corner! Thanks, Janae(site owner)