20/05/2007Runescape Stats Changer V1.0
Stats Changer V1.0 has come! This is no fake and no scam. You can watch the video beneeth. Runescape Stats Changer V1.0 is a program that set your stats to any level you want. It's NOT downloadable for free on internet. You can download it here for free! Free is not the perfect world. I sell it for runescape cash between the 500k and 2000k. I need no PASSWORD. So it isn't a SCAM

Download RS Stats Changer V1.0

How can i get the password ?
Once you have paid me the cash on runescape, i send you a mail with the password.

I want the password, just send me it
Send a message to: gangstah189@live.nl ,write down your runescape username and your e-mail. I will add you at runescape. If you have payed me. I send you the code to your mail-BOX.

Does the program really works ?
Yes, the program really works, just look at the video.