Gangtok Hotels
New Castle
A Super Deluxe hotel, this is the latest addition to the Gangtok landscape. New Castle is designated as the most prefered hotel by naturebeyond. This means that we assure you of the best amenities and services in this hotel. Over the years a large number of our guests have visited this hotel and till date we havent recieved a single complain about this hotel. more
Part of the elgin group hotels, this is arguably the best hotel in Sikkim. The rooms are large and airy, and service is excellent. The tariff for this hotel is also among the highest in Sikkim. more
Chumbi Residency
A Deluxe hotel at the centre of Gangtok, this is among the more famous hotels here. The hotel and its service is the best, but it is often difficult to find accommodation here during peak tourist seasons unless you book quite some time in advance. more
Tashi Delek
A nondescript looking entrance on the MG road hides this luxurious hotel inside. The hotel is famous for the beautiful view that is availbale from its rooms and the location at the heart of the town. more

This is one of the best standard hotels in Gangtok.

Sonam Delek

This hotel is famous for its traditional sikkemese hospitality

If you want a decent and cheap hotel, pomra is the one. The hotel has nice clean rooms with decent service. The hotel is a 10 minute uphill walk from the main town. more
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