Citadels Play by Web style.
Objective is build 8 buildings. Each turn, players select characters from a limited pool to get special ablities for that turn. Great game for six players.
Sadly the site is having Database problems of late.

Citadels Play by Web style.
Citadels in a spanish site. Has an english mode. I haven't played a game yet. Will do so soon.

Euphrat & Tigris: Play by Web
Boardgamegeek implementation of Knizia's best game. A game of balance. Score points in four different categories, your final score is the weakest of of the four.

Auf Heller und Pfennig: Play by Web

Taj Mahal: Real Time

Puerto Rico: Real Time

Vinci: Play by Web.

6 Nimmt!:Solo play

Wallenstein: Play by Web.