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We just posted a link to download the Killtrocity Mappack, and we have an affiliate section Now!  We also have a hosting program!  Thankyou to all of you who visit the site, we had over 375 hits last month, thats over 100 more than did in its whole existence. We are still hosting more downloads for fun mods and we are searching for good mods, thats the reason it take so long to host more downloads, because we have to find quality mods and test them out.  We are also in the process of making a forum!  So start joining!  We have added some new images, and downloads to! so Check them out!


Well Today we switched over our site name to support mods, simply because the site name "" what kind of confusing for people because of the dash and the know instead of no.  So in an attempt to get more hits, we changed our site to a less confusing name!


Well, we finally got the download section back.  It must have gotten lost in the confusion of making the new template.  The site has been down for awhile because my internet and power have been down due to bad weather we had here. But now everything is up and running again, and it gave me the chance to get the files hosted again.  Please report any broken links to me through my email please!


New website Template!  the site has been down for a while because I've been making changes to the hosting services, and trying to find a good domain name.  I've also been putting a lot of time into the tutorial that you are look at, so I am grateful for you patience.  New mods have been posted, and I have put them into the mods section.  Once again, I take no credit in the creation of these mods, NONE whatsoever.  If you would like your mods posted on our site, contact me. © 2006 Home Forum TutorialsProgramsDownloadsContact UsVideosLinksImages

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