Pygmalion's Gaze Reimagined:
The Figure in Contemporary Ceramics

February 2, 2005 - March 19, 2005
Closing Reception - Friday, March 18, 6 - 8 pm

Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland, 21224
Main Gallery
Jed Dodds, Artistic Director

Exhibition on view Wednesday - Saturday, 11am -5 pm

Nan Smith and Linda Ganstrom
"What Tool Must I Use to Seperate the Earth From the Sky"
48" x 32" x 16"
Arthur Gonzalez
"White Mood "
18" x 16" x 17.5"
Nan Smith
Featured Artists

Nan Smith    Katy Rush

Linda Ganstrom   Jayson Taylor

Arthur Gonzalez   Claudia Alvarez

Doug Jeck  
Rebeccah Kardong

Mark Burns   Miguel Rodriguez

Justin Novak    Meredith Younger

Michaelene Walsh   
David Smith

Anne Perrigo    Ovidio Giberga

Christal Boger   
Jared Janovec

Tom Bartel   Christina Bothwell

Click here to view the installation in progress on January 8, 2005
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