UPDATE 22/07/2008 .. whurr what??? Okay, it's been over four years and I haven't touched, let alone looked at this page, and I feel disgraced. What started off as a fun and informative project just stopped being a priotiy after a while. So what happened??? Well I got a job, moved out of home, lost internet access more then a few times, and lost all desire in working with html (at least as a hobby, doing it for a job and nearly getting tendonitis really puts a damper on the whole enthusiam thing), plus I lost my webhosting box, moved back into home, when through a lot of personal dramas and now have a job that sucks the will to live out me, which doesn't help.. and to top it all off what do DC go and do... THEY KILL JADE OFF!!!

That's probably one of the other big problems I'm having at the moment, super hero comics are just crap nowadays. There I said it. Both the big studios are producing such mediocre comics, it's just not funny anymore. There still are some great books (JSA, She-Hulk up until Peter David took over) but most of my favourites are now just worthless (Spider-Man.. OMD/BMD can suck my ass), and what's worst is this notion that we have to revert all the continuities back to the 70s, ARGH!!!

Sadly, I've moved on.. That's probably plainly obvious. Looking back at this page does make me want to rework on the page, maybe even upload the version I originally had on my webserver, but I'm still bitter about using (Not-so)Ezyupload. I'm trying to get motivated into doing more projects like The Jade Page, but frankly it's hard enough trying to maintain a blog.. if you're interested it's at www.fanboy-crossing.com, which is mostly just pics and rants (and mostly that's about recent Convention reviews).

So again until further notice, I'm not touching this site again, but hopefully when we finally get to see Jade in the page of JSA again (coming soon on Earth 2), I'll at least have a better site up and running!!


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