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Hey Everyone! - A NEW REUNION has been scheduled!

Classes of 95 and 96
(see note below)

Saturday, July 30, 8:00pm to 11:00pm

Organized by: Chris Martinez '95/ Andrea Lewis '95

Location:  Renaissance Arts Hotel
700 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA

Hotel Phone:  504-613-2330
Cost: $50.00 per person

Price Includes:
*Assorted food: (gumbo, crab cakes, chicken skewers, tuna poke, spring rolls, cheese, and other finger foods)
*Open Bar
*Rental of facility
*Tax and Gratuity
* Possible DJ (still looking)

Note: The reunion is open to any Ganus alumni that wants to come. The majority of the classes are 1995 & 1996. However, we dont mind extending this out to any class of CLG. Please contact for your interest.

RSVP by JULY 16th!

Send Checks payable to the following:

Chris Martinez
2913 Elizabeth St.
Marrero LA 70072


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*** Current Events Calendar ***

1) Congrats to Elliot Sarpy on his recent marriage to Lisa Serpas!
The wedding was on Saturday March 31st.
Some in attendance were:
Chris Sarpy (class of '85), David and Doug Clifton (classes of '85 and '86), Adam Corel and Nicole Arseneaux (class of '86)...and Yes they are still together. David "Slim" Burandt (class of '86), John "Butch" Guidry, (class of '86) and many others.
We wish Elliot and Lisa the best!


2) There is talk that the classes of 80, 81, 82, & 83 are planning a reunion as well. If anyone has information on this, please let me know.

3) Elliot and Lisa have a new baby girl...Mia Dana Sarpy




Just like the good ole days! - Reunion 2002

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This web site is just a meeting place to discuss future events for CLG and was created for that purpose alone. I am just the web site administrator and not the organizer for any events. I would gladly post any event ideas presented to the site or to email. For those planning the event, please contact me at the above email address and inform me of your organization position. I will do whatever it takes to keep the site going and updated on a daily basis. Thanks and see you soon.
J. Scott Bond

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