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Gestalt Australia and New Zealand (GANZ): An Association for Gestalt Therapy and Practice was formally established as an Association at the 1st 'Down Under' Gestalt Therapy Conference held in Perth in September 1998. The establishment of the Association was the outcome of a series meetings, the first being held in Sydney (November 1996) followed by Melbourne (May/June 1997) and Brisbane (March 1998). These meetings were attended by representatives of training centres from across Australia and New Zealand, practitioners and interested others. The motivation to form an Association arose from developments in the field of counselling/psychotherapy and registration requirements and a desire to forge bridges between centres and practitioners across Australia and New Zealand.

Three working parties were established at the Sydney meeting; umbrella/organization; standards/accreditation; and conference. Each working party included representatives from various sectors of the gestalt therapy community and provided materials for discussion at each meeting.

In March 1998 a draft constitution, based on meeting discussions and community consultation, was circulated, revised and accepted by those who had participated in the various meetings. In June 1998, GANZ was incorporated in the ACT as professional Association.

GANZ seeks to promote the study of gestalt therapy and practice as a specialty in the area of psychology and to advance the ethical practice of gestalt therapy across a range of settings involving human and environmental wellbeing. GANZ seeks to maintain a professionally-based Association which is inclusive, representative, respectful, human and humane.

GeeseIntroducing the GANZ Council 1998-2000

Executive Officers:

Chairperson - Michael Reed (Sydney/Illawarra Gestalt Centre Wollongong)
Tel: 0412 011 350; E-mail:

Secretary- Brenda Levien (Gestalt Institute of New Zealand, Christchurch)

Treasurer - Zish Ziembinski (Gestalt Training Institute West Australia, Perth).
Tel: 08 9388 8890; E-mail:

Committee Chairs:

Training & Practice Standards - Gabe Philips (Gestalt Therapy Australia, Melbourne)
Tel: (03) 9587 3900; E-mail:

Membership - Helen Diack (Perth)

Ethics - Ruth Dunn (Gestalt Institute of Melbourne, Melbourne)
Tel: (03) 9818 7660

Communications - Steve Gunther (Northern Rivers Gestalt Institute, Lismore)

Conference - Allan Meara (Gestalt Therapy Association of Queensland, Inc, Brisbane).

Area Representatives (at the time of voting):

Victoria - Claire Taubert (Gestalt Therapy Australia, Melbourne)
Tel: (03) 9587 3900

New South Wales - Brian O'Neill (Illawarra Gestalt Centre, Wollongong)

Queensland - Yaro Starak (Brisbane Gestalt Therapy Institute)
E-mail: Western Australia &Mac246; vacant

New Zealand - Geoff Buckett (Christchurch)

Northern Territories - vacant
South Australia &Mac246; vacant
Aust Capital Territories - vacant

Trainee Reps (shared):

Australia - Sabin Fernbacher & Noel MacDonald (Melbourne)
Tel: via (03) 9587 3900

New Zealand - not filled.

GeeseActivities Update

At this point in it's development, members of the elected Council are focusing on:

- defining minimum standards for membership of GANZ;

- defining minimum standards of training; - establishing ethical guides of practice;

- establishing communication networks and newsletter; and

- preparing for the 2nd Down Under Gestalt Therapy Conference to be held in Brisbane in 2000.

It is envisaged that membership standards will be finalised by mid-1999, at which time a call for membership will be extended to the Australia and New Zealand Gestalt Therapy community. This timeline will place GANZ in a position to apply for full membership of the recently formed Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) of which GANZ is a founding member.

Further updates will be provided via this website on a regular basis. Please pass this information on to your colleagues and please contact a member of the Council if you have any inquiry and/or feedback regarding GANZ and its activities.

Michael Reed


Announcing: a call for membership of GANZ.

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  • GeeseComing...

    Planning for 2002 conference in Christchurch, NZ

    GeeseWhats happening in GANZ?...


    Australasian Gestalt Institute Homepages:
    International Gestalt Links:

    GeeseAccredited Centres:

    New South Wales:
    Sydney: Gestalt Therapy Training Institute
    Contact: Anna Burnett
    3/17 Hayes St
    Neutral Bay
    Phone02 9904 4200
    Sydney Gestalt Centre
    Contact: Rhonda Gibson Long
    50 Snape Street
    NSW 2032
    Phone: 02 9344 7289
    South Coast:
    Illawara Gestalt Institute
    Contact: Jenny O'Neil
    Box 77
    NSW 2500
    Phone: 02 42280 132
    North Coast:
    Northern Rivers Gestalt Institute
    Contact: Steve Gunther
    15 Coleman St
    NSW 2480
    Phone: 02 66 213 911
    Gestalt Institute of Melbourne
    Contact: Marge Hamilton
    PO Box 4010
    Richmond East
    VIC 3121
    Phone: 03 9815 0050
    Fax: 03 9815 0050
    Email: Web:
    GestaltTherapy Australia
    Contact: Fran
    Box 205
    VIC 3078
    Phone: 03 9587 3900
    Brisbane Gestalt Institute
    Contact: Maria Vogt
    PO Box 592
    QLD 4060
    Phone: 07 3366 7500
    Fax: 07 3366 2656
    Gestalt Therapy Training Centre
    Contact: Alan Meara
    81 Frederick St
    QLD 4066
    Phone: 07 3371 8163
    Western Australia:
    Gestalt Training Institute West Australia
    Contact: Claudia Rosenbach-Ziembinski
    1 Rawson Street
    WA 6008
    Tel/Fax: 08 9388 8890
    New Zealand:
    Gestalt Therapy Training
    Contact: Brenda Levien
    207 Hoon Hay Rd
    New Zealand
    Phone: 03 373 659

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