My Selection of Pictures
These pictures, you might have never seen before, they are all real, and to some extent, interesting, most of them come from the BBC, but not all, many thanks to the people who took them^_^
Westminster, England Omar Bin Laden: )
Ha, this is an eye-opener, you might not know him until I utter his name, and he (first in the left)is one of the biggest names in the world now, maybe not that favourable though. The two beauties are from Spain, one of the commented that "Omar is a very gentle guy"..To see who he is, move your cursor on the picture and wait for 1 second~
People in the west alway blame that Chinese do not have enough rights to show their opinions. Well, see this picture then, people in London demonstrated against the war on Iraq, policemen are hustling the crowd, even a young teenager in the front line.
North Korea
Beijing, China
They are North Koreans, they are very dangerous, aren't they? Can you see the malice in the soldiers eyes? I think they will fight to death if the Americans dare invade!
Outside the People's Hall of Conference in Beijing, the German oriented Audi A6 is the best selling brand. The delegates like it very much~
Repubic of China (as it is called)
Xinjiang, China
Well, you might have not seen him for ages, or you just simply ignore his existance. His name is Li Denghui, what he's done, I do not think I need to speak out here.
February, 2003. An earthquake stroke Xinjiang province in west China, killing hundreds people, and injured many thousands. People in Xinjiang showed their support to the government, shutting the mouths of those subversionists (in China or outside)
Premier Zhou Enlai of the People's Republic China and President Nixon of the United States of America. Sino-US relations were set by this two gentlemen.
the States
China has recently pubished an account of Americans human rights, fights back as the US's publishment of China Human Rights. Our government claims that the US should not have words about other countries human rights as it has very big problems of itself, which to me, is very ture.

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