My family ain't the most normal people in the world. My father is a preacher at a Baptist Church(yeah i'm a preacher's kid).  The one thing I have to say about my dad is, that he keeps to his morals.  He believes strong in what he preaches. Me and my mom are pretty laid back but she does have a tendcy to get on my nerves about some things.  I have a brother who is married. I'm finally an uncle. My brother and his wife had their first child in October.   My little newphew is my world.

Welcome to my page.
Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm a 19 year old sophmore in college.  I attend the State University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA. Well, I live in West Bumble @#$%, GA and work in my town. I live on a farm and raise cows and goats.. I guess most people call me a countryboy, but I guess thats true.  Most people always want to know my stats so here they are; 5'11", 160lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, tan and tone.


Where to begin about my friends.  I have so many friends that I really like and appreciate.  Jennifer, Christie and Kristie y'all are my best friends and I love y'all dearly.  Its wierd that my best friends are girls but I don't care. I have alot of friends here in Georgia but I really don't associate with them that much. I guess i'm mean in a way, but thats just me I guess.  I have a ton of online friends, who most of them told me they wanted to be mention but I have way to many to put here. If I talk to you at night or whenever then i'm saying, THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND.  I do have some online friends that mean the world to me. Isaac, your my best friend in the whole wide world. You just don't know how much our friendship means to me. I was glad you came down and saw me for the weekend.   Sean, what can I say about your a good friend..thanks for always being there.  Sara, your my girl and thanks for your laughter when I needed it. 
   By the way, I do have some friends that I do get along with here in Georgia and I just want to say HI to.. My good friend
Brenda who i love dearly is my best friend.  Me and her work together and we always chill together.  Also want to say hi to my friends Jeff and Rob(Tigger and Brig), them guys are my older buds.  I have alot more friends but so little space.. All my friends mean alot to me.  Take care guys!!!!

     I like to play volleyball when I go to the beach.  They didn't have a guys volleyball team in high school, so I couldn't play that.  I like to ride 4-Wheelers and Motorcycles in the snow.  I usually enjoy going through the woods with somebody riding with me so I can scare the crap out of them when I turn curves and go on 2 wheels on the 4-Wheeler. I've scared alot of girls and guys doing that.  I enjoy going fishing and hunting in my spare time. Usually I'm at my aunts private pond laying in a lounge chair fishing while they grill steaks(I know i'm lazy).  I'm really not a huge deer hunter but I enjoy squirrel hunting(its good smoked).
    Since I grew up on a farm I enjoy riding horses. I'm in the process of buying one really soon.  I didn't take riding lessons when I was young. Everything I learned about riding I taught myself.  I tell you something though, everybody likes the way I look in my riding jeans.


Me and my horse, Cricket.

Thats me and my cousin Lindsay. We were at Bible School and she decided to give her cousin a hug.  Ain't we just cute.


I know this pics ain't much but its all me.  These pics are real and you can ask anybody and they can tell you that I do look like that in real life.  I'm just an average guy with average wants. I guess some people only look at looks. Well I like a personality in a person but looks are also good.

Well here I am at the beach...i'm just daydreaming(ain't i cute)

Other pics of me doing gosh nows what..


Me and Tristan at her bday party

Pics of me


Pics of my friends.


My country page..Its meant to pick at yanks.