"The opportunity to be threatened, humiliated and to live in fear of being beaten to death is the only 'special right' our culture bestows on homosexuals."
        -Diane Carman, Denver Post, October 10, 1998
At work in my office - November of 1999
Hey-  Mine name's Jake, I'm 21 and a native of Southern California.  My youth was spent in the city of Riverside.  And it was in the summer of 1991 that my family moved to Forest Grove, Oregon to leave the  bad elements...  I finished high school in 1998 Valedictorian of my class.  I'm finishing up my undergrad years at Chapman University in the city of Orange, California. I've returned to the towering palm trees and sunny beaches of Southern California.

I've grown tired of Orange County and for that reason, I recently moved to West Hollywood.    I now have a one bedroom apartment  off of La Cienega and Melrose.

My friends say that I'm jaded.  Well maybe I am, but for the most part I am an outgoing, crazy and fun guy.   Honestly, I'd like to think I'm one of the nice guys out there.   And of course I hope to find a nice guy of my own to settle down with.  ...it's only a matter of time before I corner him.
A modeling shot -Fall of 2001
Here are some pages I have created (yes, that means more pictures):

Album #1 - Some photos of my friends and I

Album #1b - more pictures

Album #2 - Senior pictures of my friends

Album #3 - Random additional pictures

Album #4 - My Spring Vacation of 1999...Santa Monica, a World Premier, Axis, and Disneyland

Album #5 - Pictures of my most triumphant trip to The Price Is Right (where I won big)

Album #6 - Here, primarily, are a bunch of pictures of myself

Album #7 - Take a look at my extra-curricular  involvement while at Chapman University

Album #8 - A few pictures from my trip to Canada

Album #9 - The Block at Orange with Tanya, Manuel, and Frank

Album #10 - Spring Vacation of 2000.  Went to Oregon; reunited
with high school friends at Red Robin

Album #11 - Christina and I at Six Flags Magic Mountain
A much younger me - Spring of 1998
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Six Flags Magic Mountain -Summer of 2000
My Old Apt. (with roomate) -Spring of 2001