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The Profile...

Welcome to Gapnet Internet Access. Where Internet is the main thing. We communicate using digital data communication allowing our customers to be connected to the globe with fast internet connectivity. Established April 1999, giving Internet rental services with fast connection running with Intel Pentium IV machines and supported by new version of softwares.

The Place...

Each station has an ergonomic table, a cover division used for privacy and  Machines equipped with Pentium IV Processors for easy and fast access. With bright colors and cool music using mp3 technology that would make your stay with a beat.

The Service

Services includes Internet applications, Webpages, desktop publishing , scan, printing, PC Repair, PC Sales, LAN/WAN Consultations, Typing Jobs and Cool Invations in any occassions. We do browsing, email , chat, cybernate with family, friends, and relatives using top of the line machines that will speed you to the limit traveling the Information Highway.

Looking for

Gapnet is located in the Philippines at the City of Olongapo, a city beside the former US SubicNaval Base which is now SBMA Freeport Zone. A two hours drive from manila.
The Gapnet Internet Access is located at the heart of the city along the main road leading to SBMA.