O, how easy it is to lift our eyes to heaven today!  How easy it is to be lifted up in joy and exultation.  Jesus is risen!  He has defeated death, conquered the devil, and disarmed sin!  Heaven’s gates have been opened wide for us!  Now, baptized into Christ, we can share in his victory and walk in freedom.


Truly, we all should rejoice today, but what about tomorrow?  How can we hold onto our Easter joy?  Let’s be realistic.  We should expect “bumps” in our daily path.  Days will come when our minds will seem like a battlefield of temptation and anxiety.  But these bumps don’t have to rob us of our inheritance.  Grounded in the knowledge that we “have been raised with Christ” (Colossians 3:1), we can face the battle directly, and overcome!


Imagine that a co-worker or friend hurts you in some way.  What will you do?  It would be easy to feel deflated, angry, or defensive.  But remember that Jesus has raised you up with him.  If you keep filling your mind with the truths of God’s love both for you and for the other person there will be no room left for resentment or revenge.


Perhaps you feel that the demands on your time are overwhelming.  Still, make time for prayer.  When you take your eyes off everything you have to do and contemplate heaven instead, you’ll find yourself better able to keep your tasks in perspective.  You may even become more efficient!


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Let’s resolve now to let our Easter celebration to take deep root in our loves.  As the Holy Spirit  fills our minds with the reality of what happened on the first Easter Sunday, we will become a “heavenly minded” people, strong, peaceful, and hopeful no matter what our circumstances.  We will become living witnesses to the power of the resurrection.

“Jesus, I praise you on this Easter day!  You have risen from the dead and overcome sin and death!  You have opened heaven for me!  I rejoice with all the heavenly host for all you have done!” 


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