Here are some random pics from my recent Moab trip with some text attached to each one. I'm a crap photographer so a lot of the pics I took didn't even come close to capturing the incredible beauty that is Moab. I mean, in front of you is a panorama from as far left to as far right as you can see and the pictures only capture a small, small fragment of that. Awe-inspiring. Humbling. Wow. I feel a need to end everything I say with an exclamation mark!

Click the thumbs to get the full sized pic. Long load times but very much worth it. If you've never been, you owe it to yourself to ride the Moab area, words simply cannot describe the experience! If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me!

Some info on my KLR - I'm running Continental TKC-80 tires, Progressive fork springs and the Progressive rear spring over stock shock, MSR bashplate (of coarse!), Barkbuster lever protectors with UFO plastic handguards on top, I just received a Garmin E-Trex GPS (this thing is cool!), a Kawasaki tail bag and a 14t front chainring. Otherwise the beast is all stock.
Hurrah Pass. Try as I might I could not find any of the petroglyph's that are supposed to abound on this road.
White Rim Road. Just getting ready to go over Hardscrabble Hill. I liked this one. A tight turn in some soft powdery sand made it exciting.
White Rim Road again. Totem pole. Wonder how it got that name eh?
Bowtie Arch. Good short hike to get to this. Notice the people in the pic?
Determination Towers. Notice my KLR in the bottom left? Check out that sky too! That was typical for the 5 days I was there.
Get up ya lazy bastard! Seriously though, I turned around at this point. This was at the other end of the Poison Spider Mesa Trail, called the Golden Spike Jeep Trail at this point. What I was looking at when I fell down was just ahead of me, a BIG drop that I knew I wouldn't get out of without some serious ramp building if I had to turn back. The monster trucks (below) had already been through here. I just followed their tracks out back to the highway. Lunchtime.
Snow in the desert??? Yup! About 10,500' and in the shade. Kinda surprised me as I wasn't expecting snow when 1/2 hour earlier I was sweltering in the heat.
Rose Garden Hill. It's much steeper than it looks! I actually got a good way up it before common sense told me to turn around. I don't need to tell you that trying something like this riding solo is not a sensible thing to do, especially on a KLR. And don't ask me how I got the KLR turned around without a scratch either!
Round Mountain as viewed fromt he Porcupine Rim Trail. I'm terrified of ledges and I was shaking like a shakey-thing when I took this pic.
Ummm, I forgot where I was when I took this. But just look at it! Look at it!!!

Fred (Arrowhead Motorsports, everything Moab) has since told me this is just below Castle Rock and the Priest and the Nuns in Castle Valley. Thanks!

White Rim again. Just coming down from Murphy's Hogback.
Monster trucks going to conquer the Poison Spider Mesa trail. I was on my way back down since I could go no further (see below several pics). Fun nonetheless!
White Rim looking down to the Green River. Shaking like a leaf again taking this pic. I'll be down on that dirt road in just a few minutes. Fun!
Castle Rock area. Small riding area I 'found' by just exploring. Small but impressive! It was much more red than it appears in this photo.
Delicate Arch. WOW! Need I say more? See the person in the pic? Bottom left of the arch itself. This was in Arches Park. No visit is complete without spending a day here.
Green River from the White Rim Road. Spectacular road!
Stuck on the Porcupine Rim Trail. I couldn't get it up (no jokes, c'mon now!) so I had to build a small ramp out of rocks.
The remains of a truck that got a bit too close to the edge, and didn't make it. There was another piece of it up between the next switchback. I would like to hear the story on this one!
Right below the Gemini Bridges. Nice trail/road leads to this.
Poison Spider Mesa Trail. This was easier than it looked, but only by a bit. After clearing this, I got to face this... (next shot below)
Poison Spider Mesa Trail. This was immediately just past the shot above. I tried a few times to climb this but didn't make it. I feared personal injury and had to turn around. I met the monster trucks (above) on the way out. Sniffle. I will try again next trip.
  That's all folks. Go to Moab. Now!