Updated 9/2/2000

If you gave me a chance, I could have been perfect to you.......but you never did so it's your loss and not mine. Check it out on the "Death Before Coffee" page.
(Death before Coffee page! Check it out!)
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This is the place where all the new poems are posted. In this area, anger, frustration and angst are evident in his work. Enter with your souls open and your minds free. Read his new poems over a cup of the strongest blend of the house, THE XLT COFFEE! SMOKING IS PERMITTED.Thus, the "DEATH BEFORE COFFEE" room.
In this corner of the shack, you can find the pre-angst poems of Javin.....in here the waves of angst and the riptides of anger are calm. Enter and prepare yourself to read the classical poems of Javin over a cup of decaf.NON-SMOKING SECTION. THUS the "LIFE AFTER DECAF" room.

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Mail me for your comments or anything. Before I leave, I would like to thank some people that have made my life quite interesting: *Menchie, thanks for being a friend remember our Kiamoy days in highschool? YOU WILL MAKE IT! *Katz, thanx for the encouragement you gave me when I was at the bottom of the hill: *Gina for encouraging me to let my web page live!: *My gang, Alex, Chip, Cris, Justin, JoJo, Mark and Naps. Without you guys, I'll always be at home watching crappy movies!: *Albert for helping me understand HTML language and amusing me with his Long Live China lines!: *Ginger for always rubbing my belly and wishing for good luck!: *Dhin, Chubby and Jo for giving me the chills while having a gulp of SuperDry!: *Icy ,Vivs, Paul, Alian and Arvin who helped me so much with my college life!: *Linda, my guardian who has been with and for me always!: *Tanya and Tessa for the understanding that we always have!: *Michelle for making a part of my life enjoyable yet bitter. I always cherished and longed for those times we went to CyberHeads. We surfed and drank cups of Mocha Cappuccino!: *My Tita Marlene who always gave me words to ponder on over a cup of coffee and sugar-free candies: *My Nana and Tito Edouard, without them I could not have survived at all.: *My Divine Inspiration who always hides when I am about to show my feelings, who shows when I am in hiding. You know who you are!: * My Mom who gave me all the good values that will make my life brighter, my pillar in life, and my confidee.: *My Dad who taught me how to love motorcycles, my roof when rainy days come, my mentor! I have made these poems and when you like it, keep it that way! If you plan to copy it, please ask for my permission. Mail me your requests! I always say yes when people ask me! I'll be posting some more if you will ask! I am just 23 years old and don't expect me to solve the world crisis! Be cool!

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