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1-19-05 - It has been brought to my attention that the unabomber is right and I was wrong. I guess that's why he goes to MIT.

01-17-05 - Been a while since the last update. I have 4 new tournament results since October. I also need to update my Manga list with new acquisitions from August on. Right now I'm working on my ever growing dvd backlog (currently viewing buffy/angel and zeta gundam). Started collecting comic books again of the collected hardcover variety. Got a bunch of stuff I need to sell on ebay.

10-01-04 - Updated with the results from the first fencing tournament of the season. I also fixed the links for past results as last season got moved into archive folders on many websites. Currently watching Star Wars Trilogy, Master Keaton and Felicity Season 1. Going to another tournament this Sunday most likely. It will be a game time decision. Didn't do too hot in this first tournament, seeded high but lost my first DE and dropped me 5 spots in rankings

07-19-04 - Haven't updated in a while. I've been trying to catch up on my DVD backlog. I've seen Dead Like Me, Chapelle Show, YuYu Hakusho Dark Tournament Box Set since my last update and am currently watching Smallville Season 2, Alias Season 1, Southpark Season 1, Steel Angel Kurumi Complete Collection. Competed in some In-House Club Tournaments recently. At the Club Championships I competed in all 3 weapons: finished 8th in epee, 7th in sabre, and 3rd in foil. I am missing the epee results and probably will not be able to update it. I also finished 2nd in foil at a recent In-House tournament. The results are incomplete, I'll try to get them later before they get trashed. Since these aren't USFA competitions, I'm gonna try and see if I can find out their USFA ratings to represent the strength but I can't find it for everyone. On a side note, I've managed to sell Mr Mosquito for 5 bucks. YAY!

06-23-04 - The Bay Cup season ended. The last open event I attend was pretty tough only managed to beat 1 person at it. Still I'll be attending the awards ceremony this Sunday for the Category 2 events. Added some more book reviews. I recently gotten quite a few dvds and comic books in. It'll probably take me all summer to work my way through them. I am currently watching Blue Gender, X/1999, The Dead Zone Season 1, Mobile Fighter G Gundam Box 1 and Animation Runner Kuromi.

05-28-04 - Added some more fencing results. Only one more event left for me this season. Manage to finish in the top 8 for the Cat2 events hopefully I'll get something nice at the awards ceremony in June. Added some more book reviews. I'm currently getting caught up on my dvd backlog which is around 200 dvds or so right now. Recently I just finished City Hunter 91, Dark Angel Season 2, Dune Miniseries, Family Business. I am currently going through Transformers Season 2 Part 1, Children of Dune Mini Series, Sailor Moon Season 1, Brain Powered Dvd Set 3. On a side note I just got in Josie and the Pussycats and found out I accidentally bought the PG Family Edition version.

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