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November 2000
Things still going well, starting to move on from the Dragons (after 30 or so) to the planes.  All of the CT paladins have obtained or are soon to obtain the Fiery Avenger.
August  2000
TONS of changes.  With the departure of many longtime members things have changed.  Gell is now our guildleader and doing a great job, I am posting this as we have just slain our 10th dragon.  CT is very much more organized and tight than it was before and things are going beautifully.
June 2000
Been awhile, eh?  The guild has undergone some changes recently and one of them is that myself, Garbink, has come into control of the page.  KoB split from us awhile back but we are enjoying continuing success and despite some recent bumps in the road I remain confident in our ability to persevere.

I have a screenshot for yas, its nothin special.. but I took it while I was stuck in the freegin wall during the guild's last Sebilis raid.  Sebilis

March  2000
Many changes have occured within the guild over the last few weeks. We've had people come and go. 2 guilds have joined our family, making us quite large in membership. Welcome to the former Legion of Chaos and Keepers of Balance members!
Raids have been accomplished, and new friendships forged. CT is going through a period of growth, and experiencing both the pains and joys involved.
Screen shots from Fear, Efreeti, and The Bear Pits.
January 2000
Our dear brother Dimglar married his true love Teenie on the shores of the desert of Northern Ro on January 8. Guide Lili performed a lovely ceremony, and many people came to share in this joyous event!Teenie and her sister Dolce were brought into the CT family following the wedding.
After the festivities, a Fire Giant expedition got underway. When all giants were cleared, a smaller party stayed to take on the Efreeti.
December 1999
Cronis Silverleaf founded Crimson Twilight on December 10, 1999. Founding members included: Asrana, Aros, Ziffic, Shada, Incatius, Pharangese, Jing, Dimglar, Jeriel, Greycloud, Corbeau, Ganudan, Mardin, Sobe, Sumaika, Tuebits, Radigan, and Jenamdar.
The first official guild event was a teams fighting tournament in the Arena. Brother Xave graced us with his presence during the event, then proceeded to engage in the festivities, slaughtering everyone in his path--view some pictures here.
After losing a few members-Inc, Shada, Rad, Jen, and Phar-people he considered close friends, to a new guild on the Mith Marr server, Cronis vows to bring in new blood to bolster CT to continue to grow, and nurture it into the type of guild it was created to be.
December 26, CT invited the guild Divine Destiny to a match in the Arena...members from both guilds turned out for the fun and friendly event...but in the end, the DD team was victorious.
Pictures from a guild outing to Kedge Keep can be found here.
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