Introducing the ASO of Arroyo!   HELLO GARCI?



"I am sorry"

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo whose legitimacy has been in question because  of massive cheating in the 2004 elections, relies mainly  on her prostituted and murderous military to keep her in power and position and lives in fear of her Armed Forces generals. Given to outright lying, Arroyo is a congenital liar.

Boom Tarat Tarat.. Boom Tarat, Tarat.. Kadiri, kadiri boom, boom boom!

Boom Tarararat?


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                             ANGARA         SOTTO         ORETA

        Edgardo Angara – vice presidential candidate of  Erap in 1998 and later appointed as his executive secretary is now running under the Team Unity (Ukay Ukay) of Arroyo, the bogus  president Virgilio Garcillano, et. al.   A well-known opportunist and political butterfly, he is now one of the members of  ASO. (Angara ng Aso Mo. )

       Tito Sotto – was one of the active campaigners of  FPJ in the 2004 presidential election but now is a devoted partisan of Arroyo and running also under the Team Ukay Ukay whose  popularity only came from being a toilet comedian of Eat Bulaga. His appropriate political slogan should be: “Siya ang Tito kong nakabantay na  ASO ni Arroyo  sa Senado”.

        Teresita Oreta – one of the so-called “Craven Eleven” who steadfastly supported Erap in the impeachment trial and the “Dancing Queen” who received a P1 million “balato” from Erap.  Oreta  is now a rabid defender of a FAKE president whom she accused of cheating, lying and stealing in the presidential election of  May 2004. Also a member of ASO, she wants to be elected again to  the Senate in order to defend Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the biggest thief of all.

"Tandaan mo - ang batang swapang at sinungaling

ay 'di tatangkad, uusli ang ngipin at manatiling


                                     - Diosdado Macapagal


         Pambansang Sirkero          Pambansang Impostor         Pambansang Unggoy      

                                               KBL (Kilusang Binaboy

                                                          ni Lozano)



    Pambansang Mandaraya       Pambansang Tsismoso    Pambansang Magnanakaw         




       Jueteng Lord of Albay     Jueteng Lord of Camarines Sur       Pambansang Tirador




by Aladdin

   - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, fake Presiden (mother);  Ignacio Arroyo, (brother-in-law) congressman; 

         Juan Miguel Arroyo, (son) congressman;    Diosdado Arroyo, (son) candidate for congressman of 1st District, Camarines Sur

     -  Joselito Atienza, (father) mayor of Manila;  Ali Atienza, (son) candidate for mayor of Manila

     -  Luis Villafuerte, (father) congressman;  Luis Rey Villafuerte, (son)  governor of Camarines Sur

- Edgardo Angara, senator; Bella Angara Castillo, Aurora governor; Juan Edgardo Angara, congressman

- Edcel Lagman Sr., congressman;  Edcel Burce Lagman Jr., councilor; Krisel Burce Lagman-Luistro, (daughter) running for mayor in Tabaco City; Alex Burce (brother-in-law), mayor of Tabaco 

- Juan Ponce Enrile,(father)  senator; Juan Ponce Enrile Jr., (son) congressman

- Pia Cayetano, (sister) senator; Alan Peter Cayetano, (brother) running for senator

- Aquilino Pimentel Jr.,(father) senator; Aquilino Pimentel III, (son) running for senator

- Agapito Aquino, Makati congressman, Teresita Aquino Oreta, running for senator; Benigno Aquino III, running for senator

-  Miriam Defensor-Santiago, senator; Arthur Defensor, congressman; Mateo Defensor, congressman; Michael Defensor, running for senator


"That the politicians are permitted to carry on the same old type of disgraceful campaigning from year to year is as insulting to the people as would be a gang of thieves coming back to a town they had robbed, staging a parade, and inviting citizens to fall in and cheer."


                     - Edgar Watson Howe



First Greedy Man aka Jose Pidal

KAMPI - Kabalikat ni Arroyo at Macapagal Patungong 




LP- Lapdog Party

(Atienza Wing)

    Pambansang Kotongerong Jueteng


Pambansang Carpetbagger


Pambansang Sinungaling



   Mga Buwaya sa   Kongreso





Pambansang Sugarol

Nagpa-raffle sa Pulong "SUHOL".

Kampeon ng Kasinungalingan!

Section 104 of the Omnibus Election Code prohibits the giving of donations or gifts in cash or in kind during the election period.

"Chavit, Idol ng mga Sugarol"

Pambansang Butangero

Pambansang Berdugo

Head, Task Force UBOS



Pambansang Gulay

"Ang pichay itinatanim sa bukid hindi sa Senado, gago!"


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