Feb-01-08 My own brand new xmms media library download

sep-27-06 The past year I became a graduated in Maths and hopefully I'll be in Edinburgh studying my phd soon. Visit my blog

I'm a Mathematics student in Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Mexico.

New:   Notas de Calculo Vectorial

My research interest is about differential geometry and physics (theoretical physics and the like). This is my first degree thesis(spanish)

My top 5 favorite sites on the web
John Baez's homepage. Very nice site to learn about everything on mathematics and physics
www.scholar.google.com WoW!!, google engine only to find papers!
http://www.answers.com Where you can find answers to anything...

II COLOQUIO DE GEOMETRIA DE LA FMAT My own contribution to our differential geometry meeting at UADY.


Here are some links that could be interesting:

Nice article on quantum entanglement in time:
the-goddess.org biophysica.com
About Math: Oxford's mathematics department cimat (a high level center for math in mexico arxiv (where you can find papers about math and other sciences)
About Yucatan: Yucatan's University mainpage (Check out the radio station)
Physics Official site of Lee Smolin and quantum gravity
Computer Science Licovir (Robotics and computer vision department, UADY)

See the extended list for the links above

In spring '04 I attended to a quantum computing seminar. As a result i wrote a little monograph about tensors (in spanish). You can download it here