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                                               Right Now This Page Is Under Construction!!!!

     Welcome to My personal website i knwo it's cheapy :D but hey what do you want it's me Alby. i dont kow HTML (yet) so right now this will have to do for right now.

I Co-lead two clans: 
Infamy Clan (IFM)  and   Masters of Chaos ]MoC[. Also I'm in another clan: Sylvan Dragons [SD] i'm nothing big in [SD] but yeah i like all of my clans.
I'll Try to have a lot of "good shit" on here i'm going to add all my school reports here and if you want to send more to add them in here email me.  I'm probably not going to write shit for myself so lol i'll be getting links off other websites probably Infamy Website only if Black gives me permision. I'm going to be making some things for the website so the only reason i'm making this website is to practice my web making skills In HTML  and mostly practice my web making skills in Photoshop hopefully this comes out good. If any of you got anny godo ideas?? let me know i'd be more than glad to improve on my website.
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