Dublin Castle/Harcourt Terrace

Dublin Castle

As mentioned on the DMA page there are specialist units based at Harcourt Terrace and at Dublin Castle.Some of the main ones would be the Traffic Coprs, the Special Detective Units and the Technical Bureau.Dublin Castle is located in the Dublin South Central division.Below is a short dexcription of a few of the specialist units that can be found there.

Special Detective Unit(SDU)

This unit is based at Dublin Metropolitan Region Headquarters at Harcourt Square. The unit Comprises of armed Detective Gardaí who undertake various duties which include armed protection for cash movements, providing armed backup and assistance to the unarmed uniformed section when required and the protection of visiting VIP's.

Photography Section

The Section provides for the photographic needs of the Garda Síochána and through extensive training is equipped to deal with a wide range of demands from Public Relations assignments to the complexities of major disasters.

The principal duties of the Section are to operate as crime scene photographers and videographers in major criminal investigations. Other duties include:

  • Providing albums of photographs to assist the courts.
  • Finger/Palm print and footmark photography.
  • Copy work, archival and current scenes.
  • Processing and printing scenes photographed by Divisional Crime Scene Examiners.
  • Providing PRO-FIT computer composite of suspects for identification purposes.
    (Produces computerised pictures of suspects from details supplied by witnesses to trained operators)
  • Digital imaging is also catered for in the Digital Imaging Suite.
    (Here electronic media can be processed to your required format or printed to high quality photo grade paper)

National Bureau Of Criminal Investigation

The National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI), have national responsibility for: