Garda Bike Unit

[Photograph taken behind Howth Garda Station in North Dublin]

As part of a pilot scheme recently introduced, mountain bikes are now being used by Gardai on routine patrols in the Raheny and Tallaght areas of Dublin. Upwards of 30 Gardai are involved in the scheme. Specialist clothing and protective equipment has been purchased and a variety of different types of bicycle are being used. The Gardai involved have completed a training course prior to the commencement of the scheme.

These Gardai will continue to perform routine patrols and attend to calls as per normal. It is expected that the use of bicycles will enable faster response times than by foot and enable more effective patrolling of certain terrain like parkland.

On Monday 20th January 2002 an article was published in Irelands Evening Herald Newspaper in relation to the Garda Bike unit and its success. To view the article please click here.