I am a member of An Garda Siochana based in the "North Central" Division in Dublin, Ireland. I have been collecting police patches, badges, tie pins, hats and other items for almost a year now. I am a member of the IPA Ireland section and PICA (NI)(Member No 494).  I have been a Garda for over three years.

I collect mainly European patches and hats but will happily trade with anyone world wide. My collecting is a hobby only, I don't buy or sell items. I am happy to trade with anyone if I can.

Patches In Ireland:

In Ireland Gardai do not wear patches as standard but there a few specialist unit patches. Most of these patches are not made available to collectors and I still do not have a full set even for myself(see links for pictures of most official patches). The lack of official patches means that collecting for Gardai is a challenge! There have been many social patches produced over the years in order to try and help Garda collectors and provide gift/trade items for foreign police officers.

The lack of patches on Garda uniforms has meant that patch/insignia collecting has not been  as common in Ireland  as it is in many other countries.

I'm updating this site all the time so keep checking back and hopefully things will have improved! For any more information please email me and I will try to assist you any way I can. And sign my guestbook if you get a chance.

My Private Police Insignia Collecting Webpage
Just a few pictures of my favourite hats: 1) Australian Federal Police Akubra hat UN duty(thanks Liam) , 2) Northamptonshire Police Bobbys Helmet (thanks Oli), 3)Llieda Local Police Spain Visor Cap,
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This is a private collectors website and not in any way associated with An Garda Siochana. No views expressed in it are in any way related to An Garda Siochana nore do they come form An Garda Siochana.
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