A beautiful 4 bedroom house, located in the heart of Belmopan.



This home is located on Turneffe Avenue, and is a block and a half from the Belmopan Junior School. The front view shown here reflects the porch, this leads into the livingroom as well as the dining room.



This view shows the side view of the porch as well as the carport. The area behind the flowers was used as an office.


This view shows the carport as well as the upperfloor. There are 3 bedrooms on the upper floor. The one bedroom on the main level is located immediately behind the carport. It is a huge master bedroom, that runs the lenght of the house.


Here is a view of the inside of the porch. It shows the sliding door leading to the living room.


This is another side view. The property is surrounded by 3 neighbouring properties and a main sidewalk. It is a corner lot and is a little bigger than the average lot.


Asking price: $150,000 US

For more information contact Martin Gomez @ harma98@yahoo.com