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June 21, 2005:
Added some more up-to-date pictures of me and updated the About Me section.

August 20, 2004:
Finished updating pictures of my EQ characters. EQ screenshots to be updated next.

August 19, 2004:
Added a non-Java menu to hopefully make my website more accessible to everyone. Look for the link under the big white box on the left if you cannot see the Java menu. Updated a few EQ pictures.

August 18, 2004:
Added the last of the stories that I care to post for now.

August 12, 2004:
Added two more Stories. A couple more to come soon.

August 12, 2004:
Updated Bands/Artists and About Me section. Will be adding more stories soon. Look for the Stories link within the About Me section.

January 8, 2003:
I added some new pictures, go take a look!

September 19, 2002:
Well, I think I'm finally done updating the website. I just added a Latest News section, but we'll see how often it actually gets updated.