Indoor and Outdoor Plants, Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables
Assistance in designing your garden includes containers, raised beds, trellises, rock gardens and more.
Year-round assistance concerning anything regarding gardening and landscaping
Garden and Landscape upkeep includes watering, feeding, transplanting weeding and lawn care (for small-medium size lawns)
Garden & Design
by Roxanne Smith
P.O. Box 115
Tresckow, PA 18254
Phone: 570.450.8375
Fax: 570.450.8324
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I would like to thank the following for sponsoring my site.........
Gold Finches feeding on a thislte feeder at a relatives home
I apologize for nor 2003 garden photos!  All summer I was assisting a friend in starting up a business of her own.  With the lack of time I sorta neglected my own garden this turned out beautiful but I just had no time for pictures during daylight hours.  I promise there will be plenty of pictures for 2004.
Thanks, everyone, for your understanding!!!