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Over the last few years, the media has enhanced the importance of the garden with programmes such as 'Home Front in the garden' and 'Small Town gardens'. They have shown that the garden is one of the best rooms in the house, which can be enjoyed at night with the use of garden lighting.

However, outdoor lighting used to involve purchasing a 500watt halogen security light or the large PAR 38 fittings. In those days garden lighting was not about creativity but 'bleaching' the whole garden.

Unlike America, Australia and many parts of Europe, the UK has just woken up to creative outdoor lighting and its benefits.

Moonlight Design Ltd of London has moved UK garden lighting and landscape lighting design into the 21st century where appreciation of ones garden can be enjoyed right through the evening.

A garden without lighting is like sitting in your house with the lights off; it's worth thinking about.

Moonlight Design not only takes great care in designing a plan for the garden but also uses top quality light fittings such as Hunza, which not only add illumination but style and elegance. The quality of the outdoor lighting fixtures is extremely important, whether they are LED lights or a low voltage spike spots, it is vital that you choose an outdoor light fitting that is going to last. For the modern way of life we can utilise remote controls, timers and sensors for the control of your lighting and water features.

Whether you have a small courtyard or a large garden, outdoor lights can be used to maximise the real 'living room'. From lighting trees, shrubs, steps, paths, patios, ponds, pergolas, summerhouses, drives etc we can make your garden come to life.

Moonlight Design is a leading outdoor lighting distributor recognised for quality of products and service. Their knowledge and expertise has been used for many articles on garden lighting and recently for the Channel 4 television program, Room for Improvement.

Please browse our catalogue of garden lighting and outdoor lighting from HUNZA, ROO, UNILED and DENMAN. Please use the contact form to request further information or to make an order.

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