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My Name is Eydna.

I kmow how hard it can be to find great graphics,

that show how you feel.

That is why I have started this site!

I think we need more free graphics to choose from.

I hope you will find just the right one

for your precious Angel.

If you see something you would like me to personalize for you

or you need help building a memorial site

please feel free to E-mail me.

If you have a nice photo of your angel

and want me to make the site for you, you can E-mail it to me

and I can make a persoanal graphic set just for you.


Before you take my graphics!

Please read my rules:

1) You must provide a link back to this site on every page my graphics are used on!

2) Please link back to this index page and not my graphics or map page!

3) You may alter my graphics sets in any way you please, but if you do please e-mail me with a link to your site so that I can see what you did!!!


Lots of love


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