8 Key Concepts

Young Gi - Courage

Chung Shin Tong Il - Concentration

In Neh - Endurance

Chung Jik - Honesty

Kyum Son - Humility

Him Cho Chung - Control of Power

Shin Chook - Tension & Relaxation

Wan Gup - Speed Control

10 Articles of Faith on Mental Training

1. Be loyal to one's country.

2. Be obedient to one's parents & elders.

3. Be loving to one's husband or wife.

4. Be cooperative with your brothers.

5. Be respectful to elders.

6. Be faithful to your teachers.

7. Be faithful to your friends

8. Face combat only with justice & honor.

9. Never retreat in battle.

10. Always finish what you start.

Pyong Ahn 

Pyong ahn, peaceful confidence, is represented in the two chinese charecters seen at left.

The top charecter is pyong, which illustrates a well balanced scale.

The bottom charecter is ahn, the top strokes represents a house or home. The three crossed strokes under the roof represents a woman holding her baby.

Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan students achieve a well balanced secure confidence through hard work and disciplined training.