An Anthem For A Free World
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We can say what we feel, and know in our hearts
That every word is real
We can question all the answers without fear to find that truth
We can lift our eyes to heaven
And believe in the God we choose

LIBERTY - Reaching out to the world
Her flags of freedom unfurled
LIBERTY - Together we will be 
Forever proud and free

We can sing out loud our own song
And know we have the right
The right to be wrong
We can soar like an eagle in blue and endless skies
And all throughout our journey
Never compromise

LIBERTY - Reaching out to the world
Her flags of freedom unfurled
LIBERTY - Together we will be 
Forever proud and free

And we all share a dream
A dream that will never die
That someday everyone will hold their heads up high
And be given what should not be denied

LIBERTY - Reaching out to the world
Her flags of freedom unfurled
LIBERTY - Together we will be 
Forever proud and free

© R&M Berardi Music

This song is so beautiful
Please go to his site and read the story behind the song.

Thank you Michael, Richard and Ronnie for
 allowing me to use this song on my site.

An Anthem For A Free World
Vocal: Ronnie Kimball
Lyrics: Michael Berardi
Music: John Drymon
Produced by: Denny Martin 
Copyright: ©Richard and Michael Berardi 
                   Music Corp. (BMI)

Used with permission

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I am honored to display Ronnie Kimball song "Liberty". His music will bring a tear to your eye, and help you go just a little farther than you felt you had the strength to go.

To all the Troops, America own you a debt of gratitude for all that you are doing in Irag. Thank you for your devotion to your duty and the courage under fire. You are a true hero to all Americans. May God keep you in the palm of his hand and bring you safety back home.

No matter how you feel about this war we have to all agree we want our troops to come home soon. I am so proud to be an American and live in a free world. Our troops are protecting the home front. They believe in what they are doing and we need to show them anyway we can that we support them.

You can't protest the war on one hand and say you support the troops on the other. Mothers and Fathers watch their Sons and Daughter go off to protect the home front with pride, and sadness but they raised them to believe in what they do and in this case they choice to protect American.

Have you forgotten Sept 11?...if you still remember, then support our troops. They went with a willing heart to protect us, face and name unseen, but yet they went for you and me.

In support of our troops this page will remain up as the main page of my site until the troops come home.

This letter received by the parent of Corporal Joshua Miles
from the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines.

They are hearing about the anti-war protests and he was upset. That's all the letter talked about. He enclosed a poem he and his buddies wrote. He wants us to get it out, let people see how they feel.

"Wish You Were Here"
For all the free people that still protest. You're welcome.
We protect you and you are protected by the best.
Your voice is strong and loud,
but who will fight for you? No one standing in your crowd.

We are your fathers, brothers, and sons,
wearing the boots and carrying guns.
We are the ones that leave all we own,
to make sure your future is carved in stone.
We are the ones who fight and die,

We might not be able to save the world, Well, at least we try.
We walked the paths to where we are at
and we want no choice other than that.
so when you rally your group to complain,
take a look in the back of your brain.

In order for that flag you love to fly
wars must be fought and young men must die.
We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear.
If that's not respected, we would rather stay here.

So please stop yelling, put down your signs,
and pray for those behind enemy lines.
When the conflict is over and all is well,
be thankful that we chose to go through hell.

Corporal Joshua Miles
and all the boys from
3rd Battalion 2nd Marines, Kuwait

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